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February 2013
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The hiring and management decisions that you make can make or break your organization's success. To help you ensure that your company is adequatly protected, we have featured two great articles to help you in hiring the best candidate as well as top mistakes to avoid in your employee handbook. We have also included a great post about how your 'retro' resume is impacting your job search.

Please get in touch with us today if you would like assistance in filling a position or in your job search.

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Are They Lying? Signs a Candidate Isn't Being Truthful
Oftentimes, job candidates want a job so badly that they will fudge the truth to be your "ideal" candidates. But if you hire a candidate based upon how they misrepresent themselves in the interview or resume, you could be inviting a lot of trouble into the workplace. Know the warning signs of a dishonest candidate and avoid making a bad hire... CLICK TO READ MORE

Are You Making These Eight Employee Handbook Mistakes?
Employee handbooks are frequently an afterthought of an organization, being updated infrequently and not kept current. Employee handbooks in the workplace are used to protect the employer and the employees, so when it isn't up to date (or lacking sufficient provisions), you are putting everyone at risk. Avoid the top eight mistakes companies commonly make to protect your company... CLICK TO READ MORE

Your 'Retro' Resume May Be Hurting Your Chances of Finding a New Job
As times change, so do accepted resume formats. With recruiters and hiring managers using automated computer programs and the Internet to help find top candidates, it is essential that your resume gets you flagged as stellar talent. But once your resume gets into the hands of a decision maker, your resume may still end up in the trash if you make these "dated" resume mistakes... CLICK TO READ MORE

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