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December 2012
Dear Reader

As 2012 comes to a close, we wanted to send along a few articles that we hope will be a valuable resource in the coming year. For hiring managers and supervisors, we highlight the reason that you might keep making poor hiring decisions, as well as how you should deal with passive aggressiveness in the workplace. For job seekers, we have included several great tips on what you should do if your boss resigns, as well as medical careers you might want to consider.

We hope that you find these articles helpful in your job search and hiring process. Please get in touch with us today if you would like assistance in filling a position or in your job search.

We look forward to working with you in the coming year!

Best regards,

Karleen Rocheleau

Why You're Hiring Bad Candidates
There is nothing more frustrating about the hiring process than realizing that your new employee isn't who you thought they would be. Not only is this painful to go through, but it is also costly to your company. So, why do you keep hiring candidates who turn out to be duds? There are many reasons, but if you follow our tips, it will ensure it doesn't happen again... CLICK TO READ MORE

What Happens When Your Boss Resigns?
Anytime that there are human resources changes, it can leave all staff members wondering "Now what?" Knowing how to handle the resignation of your boss can be a confusing situation. But before your boss exits, be sure you follow these four guidelines... CLICK TO READ MORE

Dealing With Passive Aggressiveness in the Workplace
Every company is bound to have a few employees who are (or have a few moments of) passive aggressiveness. Knowing how to handle it is somewhat of a sticky situation, but with the right tactics, you can stop it before it gets out of hand... CLICK TO READ MORE

Healthcare Career Opportunities that Don't Require a Medical Degree
As the healthcare field continues to grow, this is an attractive industry for job seekers to consider. After all, with the Affordable Care Act's implementation and the aging population, it is an industry that offers a wealth of job opportunities. But even if you don't have a medical license, there are many positions that you could be a great fit for. Here are six great careers that you should consider... CLICK TO READ MORE

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