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September 2012
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In this issue of the Pacific Staffing newsletter, we’re discussing several topics that companies and job seekers both face. For hiring managers, we’re highlighting how to build a stronger team and find the perfect job candidate. For job seekers, we delve into a couple of common issues job seekers face: listing previous employers as references and moving your resume to the top of the digital pile.

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Karleen Rocheleau
Want to Find the Ideal Job Candidate?
The answer to that question is easy: of course you do! But sometimes finding the candidate who will be a great fit is easier said than done. So what can you do to get closer to finding that individual?... CLICK TO READ MORE

What if You Don’t Want to List Your Last Boss as a Reference?
You’re filling out a job application’s past employment section and you come to “May we contact this employer as a reference check?” If you say ‘no,’ that sends a big red flag to the potential employer. But if you say ‘yes,’ your previous boss may negatively impact whether you get the job or not. So what should you do?... CLICK TO READ MORE

Increase the Strength of Your Team
All managers look for ways to increase their team’s effectiveness and strength. After all, a stronger team means that they can achieve more. Here are five simple tips for leaders who desire to build their team’s strength... CLICK TO READ MORE

Getting Your Resume into the Hands of a Human
In today’s job market, hiring managers and recruiters alike use software to help find the ideal candidate. This means that after you apply online, your resume may not be seen by a human being for some time. But never fear, there are several things you can do that will help your resume move to the top of the digital pile... CLICK TO READ MORE

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