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August 2012
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In this issue of the Pacific Staffing newsletter, we're highlighting local employment trends and discussing several topics that all managers should be cognizant of. We also discuss how job seekers can set themselves apart with “what they know” to snag their dream job.

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Sacramento Quarterly Employment Trends - 3rd Quarter
While job seekers and hiring managers are always wondering “who’s hiring” in each quarter, oftentimes companies wish to share their thoughts on current hiring trends in the area. The online privacy of job seekers for their social media accounts has been a debate hitting the national scene recently. But what is the trend in the Sacramento area?... CLICK TO READ MORE

Are You Staying Ahead of the Curve in Your Career?
In today’s competitive job market, “who you know” isn’t the sole factor in whether you land a new job. Rather, “what you know” (beyond basic career skills and experience) has become equally important. So how do you set yourself apart from the competition?... CLICK TO READ MORE

Are You Helping – or Hurting – Employee Performance?
Many firms today are facing a similar dilemma:  once they hire a star candidate, the new employee seems to struggle in the position. What many companies are unaware of is that they—the boss—are actually inhibiting the employee’s performance. So what can firms do to jumpstart employee performance and productivity?...CLICK TO READ MORE

Are Your Healthcare Workers Violating HIPAA?
The rise of technology in the workplace is great—especially in the medical field with new advancements in treatments. But what about the use of online technology by your healthcare employees? Many are unaware that what they say online is a violation of HIPAA, so organizations should consider implementing a social media policy to protect everyone...CLICK TO READ MORE

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