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July 2012
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In this issue of the Pacific Staffing newsletter, we're sharing some great tips to help you navigate the roadblocks you face daily, whether in your business or on the job hunt.

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What if You Get a Job Offer...But it's Not Your First Choice?
You interview with several prospective employers for job openings. One in particular stands out as your dream job – and your dream company to work for. The only trouble is that the runner-up just called and offered you a position. Should you hold off – or bite the bullet and accept it?... CLICK TO READ MORE

How to Juggle the High Cost of Workers' Compensation
We know that workers’ compensation is a big expense for many of today’s businesses. So is there anything you can do to minimize the cost, while still ensuring your employees are safe? The simple answer is: Yes...CLICK TO READ MORE

Are You Killing Your Career With Fear?
All professionals have fears at some point in their careers, and some are just better at hiding them than others. And really, courage isn’t about NOT being afraid…it’s about moving forward towards your goals even when you ARE afraid. So with that said, how can you overcome your fears and advance your career?...CLICK TO READ MORE

Can Exercising Improve Your Relationship With Your Staff?
Being a leader means you have to wear many hats – from visionary and number cruncher to problem solver and disciplinarian. But sometimes all those hats can weigh you down, causing you to get stressed and overwhelmed in the process. And when this happens, it’s easy to take out your anxiety on those closest to you…namely, your employees. But there is a simple way that you can lessen your stress – and be a better leader – in the process...CLICK TO READ MORE

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